MD&A live at Decade - The Halloween Edition


GENRE: Early Hardcore
AFFILIATIONS: Gabberhead and Guilty Records
With a heart for early hardcore and furiously fast fingers, Alex de Ras has added a new chapter to the story of MD&A: a 100% live performance unlike anything else in the hardcore world.
Going from attending raves in the early ‘90s to production and DJ’ing, MD&A was founded by Alex and his friends Marco and Danny in 1996. The group soon topped the hardcore charts with ‘Braindead’, making it all the way to Dutch national television with the accompanying video clip. MD&A remained successful for a number of years before going on a very long hiatus – until 2012, that is.
Highly impressed by fingerdrumming wizard araabMUZIK as well as early rave legend Marc Acardipane, Alex combined both concepts and decided to start experimenting with live hardcore drumming. Soon, things went from studio to stage and in 2012, MD&A was reborn. Alex rebooted the name to stand for a performance of MD&A’s own hits from the past, with samples and effects triggered on the spot. Alex was treated to a warm welcome by the loyal soldiers of the hardcore scene and decided to take his next performances a step further.
And here is what the next step looks like:


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